Magento E-commerce Security

Enhance the security of your Magento 1.x installation.  Find and prevent suspicious activity.

KRRNT Service

Store your log files on KRRNT’s servers.  Maintain a historical record on our servers to streamline your installation.


Use the KRRNT service to receive notifications to designated contacts.  Keeping your contact on our system ensures that it cannot be altered or your system.

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Admin Monitoring

Keep track of all Magento admin user logins.  Get alerts when users have multiple active sessions and/or if the location changes for for an active session.

IP Blacklist/Whitelist

Block access to your site by IP address(es) or allow access to specific IP address(es).

Country Blacklist/Whitelist

Block access to your for entire countries or allow access for specific countries.


Find out where your users are coming from based on their IP address.

2 Factor Authentication

Require 2FA for access to the admin of your Magento e-commerce system.  Whitelist specific IP address to disable 2FA when logging in from these locations.

Account Permissions

Monitor admin account permission changes.  Detect suspicious changes or passwords that should not be modified.

Failed Login Lockout

Lock users out when there are multiple failed login attempts during a short period of time.  After a set amount of time, the user can attempt log in with the correct username and password

Report Logging

Keep track of all admin user logins and locations.  Detect unusual activity or locations that are attempting to access your system


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KRRNT was created based on our consulting observations.  We’ve seen more and more failed and successful Magento e-commerce admin logins from locations nowhere near where the usual activity.  Most of the time these are attempts looking for simple, unsafe passwords and common usernames.

Once a hacker gets into your system, they can add code through the built-in Magento system configuration to skim credit cards during the checkout process.  At that point, customers credit cards are stolen and  you are responsible.  It may not be complicated or sophisticated, but now you have a mess on your hands.  They can also add/change users to allow future access.

KRRNT helps you identify and prevent unauthorized access.  We do not prevent hackers from getting into your system, but enable you and your users to stay on top of potential issues.